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The club held it's annual Pancake Breakfast ride on Sunday April 11, 2024. There was a good turnout, thinking somewhere around 30 machine took part in the ride to Beaver Dam. This ride was without incident and everyone appeared to have a great time getting

re-acquainted for the upcoming season.

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Effective immediately, during a discussion at last evenings meeting because of the early mud season the following trail has been closed.

The trail that goes from the Junction to Dublin Road is closed until further notice. This trail will remained closed due to wet conditions from spring thaw. The current plan will keep this section of the trail system closed at minimum until April 5, 2024. Anyone wishing to ride Dublin Road loop can unload at Grottoli's Maple House and ride in from there as well as the Beaver Dam Loop. The club just made repairs to a section of this trail in the fall and to avoid more issues this is the reason for closure. RED RIBBON will be going up today March 12, 2024. If conditions continue to get worse there may be more closures.

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A small group of us cleared the northern trail system to Beaver Dam and they are clear. Use caution as there is a lot of standing water that started to freeze and with the colder weather coming it's going to get icy. A big thank you to all the guys and gals that helped with clearing the northern trails.

The wife and I continued on the southern of the system and that has been cleared and open. Again use caution as mentioned above.

What an awesome day of riding it was with a good group of people. Thank you all.

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