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Well we have received several leads on insurance companies, some have fallen through already however I got a phone call from another Atv club in NY that they provided their insurance company to us and we are awaiting a quote with a list of coverage. It sounds promising but we shall know in a couple days! It has been amazing how everyone has come together to try and help out, but that's what makes a great club our members.


To keep a positive eye in the public I think we should still participate in the Parade coming up, so if you would like to join us please just show up or very important if you would like the chicken dinner I would need to know by tomorrow 6/26 by 7:00pm. 


SEE flyer


Thank You 

Jon W

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The monthly meeting is held this evening at 7pm. If you want to know what's happening this would be a good meeting to attend. The information needed to attend meeting can be found here.


Just wanted to let everyone in the club know that I came across a Facebook page representing our club that is a fake page and has been reported to Facebook. Not sure what they will do with it but here


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