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WOW, it's been awhile since my last post so I will cover a couple of things in this post. On January 2, 2024 the Foothills ATV Riders club trails opened and all trails were cleared. Both north & south trails are traveled regularly but that doesn't mean that a tree hasn't fallen so always use caution when riding. If you see a hazard please be sure to report it to one of the board members so that it can be addressed

I would like to remind all members and their guests that helmets are required by all persons riding the trail system. Recently a member of the club was suspended for one year for repeatedly riding the trails without a helmet and other infractions. If you haven't, it's suggested that you take time to read the club's bylaws, remember you signed off that you have read them when joining, so there are no excuses for not knowing

Trail passes and paperwork:

Paperwork requirements for guests. Notarized hold harmless waiver for all guests, copies of registration & insurance and an application either waiting list or guest rider application. This paperwork must be submitted and approved prior to you taking your guest out on the trail.

All guests riding on the trail system must have a day pass. Day passes are for the day they are intended for. This is a per person pass not a machine pass. Trail passes can be acquired by contacting the club president. The fee is $10.00 per person, per day.

The paperwork that is required from guests is the same as membership requirements.

I have created a new group for those who have items they would like to post that are for sale.

Lastly, trail maintenance has been done on the northern trails and there is much more to be done. The club has plans for more improvements moving forward this season, please be patient.

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