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Happy New Year 2024

With today being New Years Eve I would like to start by saying that this past year has been one for the books and we survived. The club faced a Huge challenge this year when our insurance provider decided to cancel the policies of clubs across the nation. With the hard work of the staff and members of the club, we were able to keep the doors open, so many others weren't so fortunate.

Trail work has begun and will continue into 2024 so we ask that everyone be patient. The southern trail that runs behind the Old Grist Mill has been trimmed and smoothed out with some bull dozer work. Thanks to those who put the extra time in to make this ride better, your work has not gone un-noticed. The club is looking into purchasing a piece of equipment that will help in trail maintenance moving forward in 2024 and the years to come.

It's been since October 1, 2023 since any members have been on the trail system due to hunting season. Well, that all changes in just 2 days as the last day of hunting season is Jan 1, 2024, our trail system opens up on January 2, 2024. With that being said, I have already heard that there are some trees down that will need to be addressed behind the Grist Mill. On Tuesday January 2nd myself and another member will be taking to the trails and I will be providing a report following the days ride. Anyone who is interested in riding along we will be leaving the Hartford Firehouse at 10:00am, your welcome to join us.

Last, I ask that everyone check there registration & insurance for expiration. It's your responsibility to make sure that your reg & insurance are up to date and on file with the club, please get your updated copies mailed in if you haven't already done so. Your updated cards can be emailed to me directly at:

Here's to a better year in 2024.

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