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This website and access to certain areas are reserved for club members and those who are on the active waiting list . 

All club members registering with this website please complete your profile with first and last name, this is not shared publicly and it allows me (the webmaster & club secretary) to verify your membership with the clubs active roster. Once your club membership has been verified your profile will receive a badge indicting so. Non club members registered with this website will have very limited access and will receive a badge that indicates your not verified. It is recommended that members use caution when communicating with unverified site members unless you know them personally.

If you have submitted the required paperwork for club membership and are on the waiting list, you will receive a badge indicating so.


Previous members are allowed to join this website,  you need to be verified just like everyone else.  Those who cannot be verified will have very limited access to this website.

Badges are a way to let our club members know what your status is with website and club.

Scan the QR code to get an invite link.


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