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In the video below you will see why the decision was made to close the Foothills

southern trails due to mud season.

The video below is the most current club event. This video was recorded in 1080p HD. Be sure to change the quality setting for your best viewing pleasure.

Foothills ATV Riders Club June 11, 2023

Video #1

The June 11th series covers a recent adventure on the Foothills ATV Riders Club LLC trail system. Video 1 starts on a short section of the southern part of the trail system and moves to the north. The reason for the series is to keep the videos short for viewing purposes. 

These videos were recorded using a GoPro Hero9 Black  in 4K so be sure to check your player setting for the best quality experience. The camera was chin mounted to my (webmaster) helmet using a Rode Lavalier microphone mounted inside the helmet. These are music videos along with input from me throughout the ride. 

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