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July 2, 2024

2:30 PM

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It was a sad day for us here at FATVRC LLC. On June 21, 2024 the administrators of the club were forced to shut down the trail system for the first time since the club was established in 2002. The reason for this temporary closure is do to the insurance laws here in the State of New York regarding lawsuits. All club's use to get insurance through (NYSORVA) New York State Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Association. The one overseas company that was providing them with the coverage decided to no longer provide insurance to off-road community threw out the state or possibly country wide. The club was fortunate enough to find coverage last year but then the company who insured us cancelled the policy on June 21, 2024. We have received some good leads to obtain insurance but this takes time and all we can do is wait to hear. At this time the club remains operational pending notification of insurance. Once we have an answer everyone will be notified. 


Hello everyone, this has probably been the worst season ever! Earlier in the season our Treasurer past away he was a huge asset to the club. Then we had a major insurance problem, which closed many clubs across the country it looked bad really bad to the point of we were just a few days away from having to close down. However we tried many different insurance companies with no success one of our members works for an insurance company and she went to battle for us and was able to get our club the proper insurance at a reasonable rate. To this day most of the clubs are still closed and we survived!


To make things even worse because of all the storms the road next to the town barn was closed because of a culvert washout which won't be repaired until next year. Which meant we didn't have any way to legally travel on the Northern trails from the firehouse. Now the Goodnews! We went to a Town meeting and asked for them to grant us Legal permission to use Wright road to reconnect to Gibbs Road. They agreed to have it reviewed by the insurance company and the town Attorney and at the next meeting they would open it up the the general public and vote on it. Last Tuesday the 12th they voted 100% unanimously to allow us to use the road and there was not one person from the public that complained. The Town of Hartford is awesome but it is because of our good reputation and great members that made this all happen. We will be putting up the new road signs in the next few days. 


Since the insurance episode now we have had an extreme rain season, which have put us behind on trail maintenance, we will be trying to fix up the southern trails to get ready for our mud run on the 30th. Next year we will have a lot of work to do and get things all repaired. See the Flyer Attached for the mud run information and hopefully we will have good weather.


Thank You

Jon W.


I received information that the bypass around Hastings Rd was passed at the Town Board meeting on Tuesday evening. I believe this is the updated town bylaw in regards. I don't believe the new signage has been posted yet and unsure if the club will post signs from the start of Wright Rd to Warren Rd, or if it's just going to route to Gibbs Rd to Warren as seen here in the photo. It is a blessing that we received this so please when traveling these roads, the Speed Limit for ATV/UTV is 25 MPH. Show some respect for those along this route and of course all routes that travel along sections of highway.

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