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We were out riding yesterday and there were a few tress down on the trail system. We were able to clear most but the little 6" chain saw decided to retire. We did what we could using the winch to clear things up. On the Dublin Road loop, about 2 tenths of a mile from exit there are a couple of trees down across the trail. It was blocked but we were able to get them down enough to climb over them. It would be greatly appreciated if someone with a saw could clear these up ASAP, thanks.

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Email received from our President:

Sad News.......we recently Spoke with the owner of the Beaver Dam Property because of his health conditions and we had heard that when he is gone someday the property will be given to his family and probably sold... We asked if he would grant us lifetime rights to use the property as long as the club existed. He agreed and said to get the paperwork drawn up and he would sign whatever we needed. However he did say a few things that made us question his state of mind, so we asked if he would speak with his family first so everyone was on the same page with no surprises and no accusations that we took advantage of a elderly man. Well now that the family is involved they said they intended on closing the trails any day and now they have. They said he doesn't know what he is speaking about and it is too much stress on him watching people ride onto his property. Sorry to tell everyone but we are fighting a losing battle.


Jon W.

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It's been in the planning since December of 2023. AS of the end of this post I, the webmaster & club secretary will be on vacation until June 1st. It's going to be an exciting time. Content coming soon DarKei Offroad Adventures.

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