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All Trails are temporally Closed our Club insurance is canceled and we have been trying extremely hard to find a new company with no luck. It is a problem everywhere in NY, the couple places we were able to find coverage the cost was around $11,000 and only covered Club members if we were liable. It would not cover any trespassers which that is really why we need insurance. Our waivers and our own personal insurance already cover us. We have a couple other companies we are waiting for a response still.

 At very worst we will refund everyone this years membership fee, but were NOT giving up yet. My guess is this is because of something to do with NYS and their General Liability Laws.

This is a sad day and the club was fortunate enough to find an insurance company last year when this all started happening. It has effected all ATV clubs in the state of N Y. So, a couple of days ago we found a company that stated it might be possible but it takes a little time to put things together and see if we are going to get the coverage that we need.

If you know of an ATV Club in New York that has coverage reach out, we could use a good lead. Cross your fingers and hope for the best, it's all we can do right now.

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Just wanted to let everyone in the club know that I came across a Facebook page representing our club that is a fake page and has been reported to Facebook. Not sure what they will do with it but here


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