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Hastings Road Closure

As most of you should know, the road next to the Hartford Town Barn (Hastings Road) has been closed for awhile due to a culvert washout during a recent storm. The town has decided not to repair it and that closed off our access to the northern section of the trail system from the Hartford Fire House. This issue had to be brought to the pubic and final approval has been granted for a new route to be established. Coming from State Route 40 which is Main Street you will continue past Hasting Road to the next road which is Wright Road and make a right hand turn. Follow Wright to the next road on your right which is Gibbs and go right. The arrows for Wright Road are posted across the entrance to Wright Rd and if you miss your turn, you will be greeted with a NO ATV SIGN. Do not go into the town of Hartford please. Make sure your doing 25 MPH, these people all approve of the go around.

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