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July Monthly Meeting

There were some good discussions and a step towards resolving trail closure. Still no word on insurance, hopefully by the end of the week. Not going into details here in the blog but hopefully we will be able to get the southern trails opened soon. The club is going to be reaching out to all land owners in the days ahead to see if we can resolve this issue.

It's crazy, the only reason we have to carry this liability insurance is to be protected from those unauthorized to use the trails, Trespassers.

There was some talk about putting a ride or rides together for the VASA system.

On a sad note, it wasn't long ago that we lost access to Beaver Dam location which was a favorite for many of us. I am sad to say that the owner of that property passed away on Sunday. Please include him and his family in your prayers.

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The monthly meeting is held this evening at 7pm. If you want to know what's happening this would be a good meeting to attend. The information needed to attend meeting can be found here.


Just wanted to let everyone in the club know that I came across a Facebook page representing our club that is a fake page and has been reported to Facebook. Not sure what they will do with it but here


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